Beyond the veil

Energy Forecast for October 2016 

This month you will be moving beyond comfort.  This is a time to be strong, to observe, to take charge and to shift with absolute presence. Your courageous energy will raise you above old ways and encourage you to take a risk for the good.

Transformational energy is surrounding you.  Allow this energy to guide you beyond the veil.  It is in this space where you will seek infinite possibility.  Your breakthrough awaits.

As you move beyond the veil, accept any offerings, openings, advice or opportunities that come your way – this is Your time to act and transmute from one state of being to another.

With your breakthrough comes a gift ~ the gift of  illumination.  You will lighten, brighten and become more connected than before. It is important when you experience this shift,  that you take time to meditate, pray and set intention.  This will keep you connected.

Your illumination will also guide you along with the work that you do and will remind you the importance of living in alignment with your truth.

This gift will also be used as a self-healing tool.  As you inhale your light, allow this light to wash away any old physical, emotional or mental pain with a deep exhale.  Your luminous energy can transmute anything!

See this transformation as an opportunity.  You will move forward, you will experience expansion, you will move beyond the old with a renewed sense of being and peace.

{Oracle used: Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan}




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