Beyond the veil

Energy Forecast for October 2016 

This month you will be moving beyond comfort.  This is a time to be strong, to observe, to take charge and to shift with absolute presence. Your courageous energy will raise you above old ways and encourage you to take a risk for the good.

Transformational energy is surrounding you.  Allow this energy to guide you beyond the veil.  It is in this space where you will seek infinite possibility.  Your breakthrough awaits.

As you move beyond the veil, accept any offerings, openings, advice or opportunities that come your way – this is Your time to act and transmute from one state of being to another.

With your breakthrough comes a gift ~ the gift of  illumination.  You will lighten, brighten and become more connected than before. It is important when you experience this shift,  that you take time to meditate, pray and set intention.  This will keep you connected.

Your illumination will also guide you along with the work that you do and will remind you the importance of living in alignment with your truth.

This gift will also be used as a self-healing tool.  As you inhale your light, allow this light to wash away any old physical, emotional or mental pain with a deep exhale.  Your luminous energy can transmute anything!

See this transformation as an opportunity.  You will move forward, you will experience expansion, you will move beyond the old with a renewed sense of being and peace.

{Oracle used: Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan}




Between Worlds

Energy Insight for the Week Ahead:

This weeks energy reading indicates that ‘we are in a space of what was and what will be’.

During this time of transition, it’s important that we trust our growth process.  Focus on moving forward and even though there may be an unknowing of what’s to come, know that the seeds that were once planted are now starting to take root.  So the understanding will become clearer – trust in this growth process.

With relationships, this is a time to explore further or discover deeper.  There is necessary nurturing and honouring of values here.  This phase of relationship is not to be hurried, take your time as there are new discoveries or deeper connections to unfold.  Also, this is a time of exploration of the self – so ask youself:  What do you need?  What do you like/dislike?  What’s important to you?  This is a critical time for relationships, so honour this process.

With prosperity and/or work, know that in each experience is a great learning lesson. You have learnt many lessons here and now is the time to use your skills, talents and passions to try something new.  Venture out or invest in another project.  The energetic timing is right and abundance will be in your favour.

Energetically and spiritually, this is the perfect time to let go and surrender with no expectation attached.  See what Spirit has in store for you – what takes hold in your life next, will be far better than you can imagine!

Spend some time contemplating the crystal grid.  Crystals used are:

Tiger’s Eye:  to bring grounding;

Apatite & Blue Lace Agate: to assist with expression and an open channel;

Atlantisite:  to bring spiritual awareness and to assist with the deeper understanding of the current transition situations;

Clear Quartz Points:  to direct the energy upwards and outwards.  This will really help your energy to move forward without the feeling of not being quite out of one situation and fully engaged in another.

This grid is also infused with Reiki, so by spending time in contemplation of the grid, you will also receive some healing too.

{Card deck used: Wisdom of the Oracle, Colette Baron-Reid}

Namaste. x
Heaven on Gaia

Balancing the Crown Chakra

“I am a Divine being. My soul is infinite and boundless. I am forever evolving, growing, expanding.”

Today’s affirmation is an indication that the Crown Chakra needs balance. This energy centre is located at the top of the head and oversees the brain, hormone and nervous systems. When it’s out of balance, we may experience sensitivity to light, tiredness, confusion or a sense of feeling ungrounded.

When this energy centre is in balance, we tend to feel open-minded, thoughtful, more connected to our spiritual nature and also develop a trust in the Divine.

To stimulate your Crown Chakra, spend some time today in quite meditation/prayer or take a nature walk alone. Use crystals that stimulate this energy centre such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Selenite. I’d also recommend to have a grounding crystal on you as well to help keep your feet firmly anchored to Earth, such as Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline or Tiger Iron (ie any of the darker toned crystals). The energy from recent blood moon eclipse was quite intense, so it is really important to stay grounded.

Namaste. x