Rejuvination and Expansion

Energy Insight: February 2016

This month we are guided to become more aware of our energy, it’s time to emotionally cleanse, ground and just move on.

The past three months especially may have stirred emotional instability. Old situations from the past or emotional turmoil may have crept up.  Whatever this has been, it’s time to allow yourself to be free from this emotional baggage.

Mother Earth is calling, it’s time to immerse yourself within the elements of GAIA.

Slow down. Go outside daily and just feel the soil.. the water.. the breeze.. the sun.. the rocks.. the trees. Her Spirit.

Mother Earth will ground and renew your energy.  This grounding process is YOUR key for the upcoming weeks.

Following this purification process, a new cycle will unfold.  It’s time to experience self-assurance, calm and poise.  Be mindful to surround yourself with those of likened minds and equal in vibration.  If you allow yourself to get caught up in the drama of the emotion, people or situations – it will only pull you back down.

This month we will be  working with the Tree of Life vibration, it’s important that we work alongside with this expansive energy.  Your past experiences have made you the person that you are today.  Allow yourself to grow from this – our biggest struggles tend to gift us with the greatest compassion.  Build from this, allow your past to empower you – you are stronger than you think!

This new cycle will welcome growth, fertility, creation, gratitude, abundance, blessings, expansion, magic, love and destiny.  Embrace this new vibration as it IS time to move on. When you dream it, feel it and believe it – you Will manifest it.

Namaste x
{Oracle Cards used: GAIA Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno.}




How do I tap into the Journey of my Soul?

As I sit here contemplating the Journey of my Soul.  I ask myself – why did I spend all those years searching for something that is very well within me?

Our Soul is so easily accessible, It’s within us.  We don’t need to go searching or seeking, but when we silence ourselves and listen – we find that our answers are just simply within.

The first thing I did when I tapped into the conversations with my soul, was that I just quietened myself and listened.  This took some time – but when I took the time to sense pure presence within my Heart, I began to recognise two very distinct feelings:

  1. A feeling of lightness, joy or a Yes feeling;
  2. A feeling of heaviness, stuffiness or a No feeling.

Here I had it!  I discovered a direct connection to my Soul (Higher Self, Guides, Angels, God, Universe) I found it!

So from then I on, I listened and I also obeyed.  This was actually quite difficult for me as I am usually a yes person.  So with each decision I made, whether it was was significant or not – I listened to my heart and followed its guidance (with the Yes/No feeling) and I acted without thinking.

I found that as time went on – life became more fluid, easier, doors and opportunities presented themselves to me without any effort attached.  My life had become more fulfilled, I had depth to my purpose and I felt more connected.  And here I was – living in alignment with my heart.

When we just live from our minds, heads and ego, this detaches us from our life purpose and we become almost robotic to life where life consumes us, but by living from the heart, we gift our self with a more purposeful and enriching life.

Our soul is so very easily accessible, we just need to take time out to listen and re-connect.

Namaste. x

{Photo credit: @heavenongaia (this photo was taken of me by my 10 year old daughter whilst journeying to Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England.}